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    Dr. Suresh Siva MD FRCS (Tr & Orth)

    A successful Total Hip Replacement Surgery
    I was diagnosed with an osteoarthritis condition on my right hip in 2012. The resulting pain and movement impediments worsened considerably with the passage of time. Indeed, pain radiated from the right hip down to the right calf and knee hampering greatly my sleep at night. I, in vain, tossed and turned in bed attempting to find a comfortable position. Driving my automatic transmission car became more and more difficult when I used my right foot to brake and accelerate my vehicle and when I sat down in the driver's seat and got up out of the car.
    Consequently in 2021 at the age of nearly 83 years old, I finally decided to undergo this hip replacement operation at the Siva Orthopaedic Clinic in Hospital Fatimah, located at Ipoh, Perak. A highly qualified, experienced team of surgeons jointly performed this operation on 5 January 2021.
    The post-operative care at was excellent as well as the hospital's physiotherapy centre which worked in close collaboration with the Siva Orthopaedic Clinic.
    Actually I started walking on the first day after the operation.
    When I was discharged from hospital, my neighbour drove me home to Cameron Highlands and I was already capable of walking up and down the 39 steps leading up to my apartment
    Since then I now can lead a pain-free life, driving my car and going about my usual daily activities as before.
    Since being discharged from hospital there are periodic check-ups that I undergo at the Siva Orthopaedic Clinic and I am so happy and grateful to have my mobility back.
    I wholeheartedly recommend Siva Orthopaedic Clinic to all sufferers of such osteoarthritic conditions. Rest assured that your quality of life will certainly improve with their wonderful expertise !
    Jean-Noël POSNER

    Jean NP

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