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Enhanced Recovery Surgery

Lately every step you take seems to be accompanied with pain. Bending down to pick up objects is no longer an action done with ease. Doing the twist is out of the question. Even an evening stroll takes its toll. The quality of life you once enjoyed and often took for granted is now slowly becoming something you often reminisce about. I understand only too well, some of the above, and lately, as my body tells me, I am not sweet sixteen anymore, I have taken a keener interest in orthopaedic-related information. This in turn brought me to Hospital Fatimah, where I had the pleasure of spending sometime in the company of Dr Suresh Siva, an orthopaedic surgeon.


Dr Suresh took the time to explain a process called the Enhanced Recovery Surgery for Total Knee and Hip Replacement (ERP). According to Dr Suresh, a good percentage of people going through replacement surgery subconsciously feel they can no longer do the things they once used to do for fear of damaging these new replacements. This is the worst mindset to have, as replacement surgery is meant to help you live a fuller and more comfortable life and not curtail you from enjoying yourself. Like the old boxing adage that says “winning is 90% mental and 10% physical”, recovery from hip and knee surgery is very similar. In cognizance of this, ERP takes on a holistic approach focusing not only on the success of the physical aspect of recovery but also the mental and emotional aspects, right from pre-operative through to intraoperative, post-operative and discharge. It also addresses the importance of involving family members throughout the entire process. In the past, patients often felt confusion and stress, which often led to less than optimal recovery. Dr Suresh stresses that with ERP, a patient can feel more at ease with the procedures right from the very beginning until the end. The healing process is just as important as the actual surgical procedures.

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Enhanced Recovery Surgery


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